Thematic workshops will be the main vehicle by which we will facilitate exchange of best practice between small nations. Recognising that the recipes for success are diverse, the academic expertise will be drawn from the fields of broadcasting policy, digital economy, drama, minority-language media, and television studies.

The active participation of international broadcasters and industry (including TG4, S4C, RTS, and EBU) is a key element in all our workshops. First-hand accounts of television production will be shared by creative practitioners working in different small nations.

Academic and industry participants will be drawn from an array of small nations to enrich our comparative understanding. We will document discussions at workshops through our project website and in this way we hope to share our insights with scholars and practitioners across the world.

This international network of academic and industry partners will meet at 3 thematic workshops:

Workshop 1 – University of South Wales
Internationalisation: challenges and opportunities for small nations


Workshop 2 – S4C
Digital Innovation: recipes for cultural and commercial success


Workshop 3 – Aarhus University

Sustaining Talent in small nations