Itinerary: Workshop 3

TV From Small Nations: Sustaining Talent in small nations, 2-3 June 2016

Questions to be reflected on are:

  • What does talent mean in the television industry? How is this theorized by TV scholars?
  • What does television talent mean for small nations?
  • How can collaboration within small nations enhance talent development (including collaboration between TV, arts organizations and HE)?
  • How can talent be developed both to ensure diversity of high-quality cultural representation and to enable creative innovation in a new televisual landscape?
    • How to spot and attract television talents? Creative talents, business development talents, commissioning and digital talents etc.
    • How to train and mentoring television talents?
    • How to sustain television talents – support grassroots talents – and avoid brain drain in our own region/country, for example funding?
Aarhus FilmCity, Filmbyen 23, 1, 8000 Aarhus C, Meeting room 4.
Hotel: CabInn, Aarhus (5 minutes walk from the venue, economy class)
Wednesday, 1 June 2016
International guests from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, UK and Hong Kong arrive. Anne Marit, Ruth and Caitriona welcome you. Informal dinner at 7.00pm at Grappa (close to Cabinn), contact Maria Skytte.
Thursday, 2 June 2016
10.00am Registration & refreshments
10.30am Welcome (Ruth McElroy, Anne Marit Waade, Carsten Holst)
Sustaining talents in small nations? Who are we talking about?
Small Nations? Talents? Presentation of the workshop participants and the host.
11.00pm Opening panel: Mapping the field

Chair: Eva Novrup Redvall

Mette Hjort: Developing talents for film and TV across cultures: DK/Mali; DK/Burkina Faso; DK/Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and DK/Jordan/Lebanon

Jakob Høgel, director/Aarhus Film City: New Nordic Noir – the challenge for small regions in small nations

12.15pm Lunch
1.00pm Group discussion: What does television talent mean for small nations? 45 minutes. Draw a map. Share in plenary.

Chair: Ruth McElroy

2.15pm Coffee break
2.45pm Panel 2: Commissioning and funding talents?
(Transcribed dossier for the CST journal)Chair: Ruth McElroy & Caitriona NoonanPadrahic O’Ciardah, TG4: Commissioning talents in IrelandLlion Iwan, S4C: Commissioning talents in WalesCarsten Holst: Funding talents in Central Denmark Region
4.00pm  Break & refreshments (fruit, snack, and drinks)
4.30pm Panel 3: The local talent ecosystems: possibilities and challenges

Chair: Kim Toft Hansen

Steve Blandford, Wales: Collaboration within small nations to enhance talent development

Hywel Wiliam, RTS Wales: RTS’ support to ongoing talent and career development for TV workers in Wales

Juliana Engberg, Aarhus 2017: How to boost small-scale screen industries and regional innovation?

Kristian Krämer, director, Interactive Denmark: Digital creative talents

5.45pm  Mini break
6.00pm  Hot seat guest: Ronni Madsen, vice president, M2Film, Aarhus: Looking for excellent talents.

Chair: Anne Marit Waade

7.00pm We walk to the restaurant, (25 min’s walk along the harbour). The locals guide us through the transformative harbour area.
7.30pm  Dinner at VinDanmark, tapas & wine
Friday, 3 June 2016
8.30am Good morning & welcome
8.45am Panel 4: Sustaining talent in small nations

Chair: Hywel Wiliam

Ruth McElroy: Sustaining talent in Wales

Lisa Kelly & John Cook: Sustaining talent in Scotland

Hanne Bruun, AU: Sustaining talent: The case of television satire in Denmark

Pei-Sze Chow, UCL: Sustaining talent in the Øresund region

10.00am Panel 5: Training talents

Chair: Caitriona Noonan

Mette Damgaard-Sørensen, New Danish Screen: Training talents in Denmark

Faye Hannah, Wales: Training talents in Wales

Eva Novrup Redvall: Training talents for television in the Nordic region

11.15am  Break & refreshments  (bring it with you to your group)
11.30am Group work: Manifesto for television in small nations. Write it down, share in plenary at 12.30.

Chair: Ruth McElroy

Group 1: Internationalisation (Chair: Caitriona Noonan)

Group 2: Digital innovation (Chair: Ruth McElroy)

Group 3: Sustaining talent (Chair: Eva Redvall Novrup)

1.00pm Farewell lunch