Y Gwyll clean

This network offers a unique space for comparative analysis and exchange between TV scholars, producers, broadcasters and intermediaries in small nations. It will provide both for the identification of those opportunities and problems that are specific to television in small nations, and for insights into how best these challenges have been exploited for cultural and commercial success. It will address the gap in academic research on television in small nations and establish an agenda for future collaborative research and publications in the field. The Centre for Media and Culture in Small Nations has substantial multidisciplinary expertise in the field, evident in works such as Steve Blandford (ed) Theatre and Performance in Small Nations (Intellect, 2013) and Richard Hand & Mary Traynor (ed) Radio in Small Nations (UWP, 2012). It has a proven track-record of collaboration with arts and industry partners including BBC and National Theatre Wales. McElroy (co-director of the Centre), will lead the network, working closely with Dr Anne-Marit Waade and her team at Aarhus University (Denmark), to deliver an international analysis of the recipes for commercial and cultural success.

The network is geared towards supporting exchanges across national and disciplinary borders in order better to understand how television in small nations can build its economic capacity (e.g. via international exports of drama) whilst also maintaining vital cultural and linguistic commitments to the audiences it serves (e.g. via enhancing digital content, subtitling and multiplatform delivery).